LISA is a crew of motivated highly skilled engineers with the mission to foster safe, secure and sustainable digitization of critical industries. Our aim is to lead our customers through the technical jungle on their way towards Industry 5.0, that is characterised by sustainability, human centricity and resilience. The added values are reduced cost, improved process safety, enhanced security of IT and OT assets. Our consulting offering helps you assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your existing assets.
Our engineering offering supports you in the development and deployment of innovative digital solutions. Our monitoring offering ensures continuous management and improvement of your digitized assets throughout their life cycle. Our advantage lies in an optimal combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence, a wide range of IoT devices and a unique data lake technology, highly customizable and respectful of your data privacy.

Products & Services


what happens to workers when a robot extends its range ?


protection your sensible infrastructure


strategic skills to support your efforts towards more sustainability

At The Edge

secure Intelligent dynamic data distribution techniques

On The Device

Unique knowledge for secure IoT oriented Operating Systems

In The Cloud

Provide you with integrative data service for your complex data

Space Systems

We solve problems which the conventional industries fail to address

Aerial Systems

Our engineers give you a foresight on troposphere networking concept

Ground Systems

from requirement analysis to recycling with focus on safety, security and sustainability aspects

Industrial IoT Plattform

Hardware and firmware with internet connectivity to our secure network

Industrial IoT Data Pipeline

Secure collection of your data through the encryption layer which is resilient to cyber attacks

ML Plattform

Data ingestion, preparation exploration results in predictive analysis and deep learning