Decarbonization at a glance!


The effort carried out in the last decade to decarbonize the economy have achieved significant results in all sectors except transport. And air transport happens to be the worst. Switching to renewable or low carbon fuel reveals extremely challenging. A shift to sustainable aviation fuels will drive certification efforts, investments in new plants and scaling up the production capacity.

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LISA’s Competence In Sustainability

LISA deploys a strategic skills to support customers in their efforts towards a more sustainable society. In particular, we leverage engineering skills in field of energy and power systems to achieve energy efficiency improvements through intelligent digitization of demanding industries. Our analytics also support optimized product lifecycle management, leading to waste reduction and enabling circular economic cycles. Our consultants also master regulations applying to sensitive sites, in particular Seveso directive.

Consulting Services - Sustainability

The sustainability consulting offering spans from maturity assessment through compliance audit and up to systematic risk analysis.

Sustanability Consulting Services


Sustainability Maturity Assessment

A methodic assessment of company practices, including employee interview, survey questionnaire, assessment results and recommendations.

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Sustainability Compliance Audit

An extensive analysis of company processes and equipment, including employee inquiry, documentation analysis, compliance assessment, audit results and recommendations.

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Sustainability Risk Analysis

A systematic risk analysis following best standards, including onsite investigation, employee inquiry, documentation analysis, analysis results and recommendations.

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Comprehensive Sustainability Study

A comprehensive consulting services offering, including maturity assessment, compliance audit, risk analysis, results and recommendations.

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