Human-Cobot Safety at a Glance!


For many decades, industrial robots have been kept away from the workers as a mean to avoid safety risks. Cobots however are designed to work safely in direct collaboration with humans. Although they are equipped with safety systems, no one can claim that they will always be safe given the fact that they learn in operations. A thorough risk analysis, health marking, security monitoring and personnel training are required for safe cobots adoption.

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LISA’s competence in System Safety

LISA provides value added expertise in system safety, proven by strong customer references in manufacturing, automotive and aerospace. We do not only master the use of AI for enforcing system safety, but we also provide robust machine learning development methodologies and validation techniques as a mean for a safe digital transformation for our clients' industry. Deterministic AI here stands as a challenge and a goal.

LISA’s Offering

The safety consulting offering spans from maturity assessment through compliance audit and up to comprehensive risk analysis.

Safety Consulting Services


Safety Maturity Assessment

A methodic assessment of company practices, including employee interview, survey questionnaire, assessment results and recommendations.

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Safety Compliance Audit

An extensive analysis of company processes, including employee inquiry, documentation analysis, compliance assessment, audit results and recommendations.

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Safety Risk Analysis

A systematic risk analysis following best standards, including onsite investigation, employee inquiry, documentation analysis, analysis results and recommendations.

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Comprehensive Safety Study

A comprehensive consulting services offering, including maturity assessment, compliance audit, risk analysis, results and recommendations.

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