Towards resilient supply chains!


Global supply chains bring increased risks of disruption from events such as pandemics, cyber-attacks or rare materials exhaustion. Supply chains become more complex as a result of global sourcing and lean manufacturing. Consequently supply chain risk increases. Some contemporary challenges include strategic asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, resilience monitoring, dynamic reconfiguration and crisis management.

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Our Interdisciplinary Service Offering

LISA deploys a strategic competence to support customers in their efforts towards a more resilient society. In particular, we leverage engineering skills in fields of safety, security and sustainability to achieve resilience improvements of strategic industries in Europe and beyond. Our analytics also support supply chain reconfiguration problems, leading to improved reliability, autonomy and ethics assurance across complex industries.

Interdisciplinary Consulting Services

The interdisciplinary consulting offering covers safety, security and sustainability. It spans from maturity assessment through compliance audit and up to systematic risk analysis.

Interdisciplinary Consulting Services


Interdisciplinary Maturity Assessment

A methodic assessment of company practices, including employee interview, survey questionnaire, assessment results and recommendations.

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Interdisciplinary Compliance Audit

An extensive analysis of company processes and equipment, including employee inquiry, documentation analysis, compliance assessment, audit results and recommendations.

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Interdisciplinary Risk Analysis

A systematic risk analysis following best standards, including onsite investigation, employee inquiry, documentation analysis, analysis results and recommendations.

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Interdisciplinary Sustainability Study

A comprehensive consulting services offering, including maturity assessment, compliance audit, risk analysis, results and recommendations.

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