Engineering Services

Towards Service-Oriented Computing!


Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) approaches have evolved from object oriented computing (OOC) by splitting the developers into
i) application builders
ii) service brokers, and
iii) service developers.
Standards have been developed to ensure interoperability among services designed collaboratively. New engineering techniques need to be developed to make SOC software and hardware dependable, reliable, safe, and secure.

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LISA’s expertise:

The broad range of competencies acquired with Ground, Automotive, Naval, Aerial and Space systems gives LISA’s engineers a crosscutting view of multidomain engineering problems and solutions. In particular, our involvement in 6G telecommunications and multi-domain combat cloud activities, puts LISA at the forefront of future Systems of Systems engineering. Our data scientists and cyber-physical systems engineers collaborate to design AI-native networking and distributed computing infrastructures fulfilling extreme Systems of Systems connectivity use-cases.

LISA’s offering:

Our Engineering Services cover the full life-cycle of systems of Systems from early requirement analysis to maintenance and recycling with focus on safety, security and sustainability aspects.

Engineering Services – Ground Systems

Safety Engineering – Ground Systems
Security Engineering – Ground Systems
Sustainability Engineering – Ground Systems
Interdisciplinary Engineering – Ground Systems

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Engineering Services – Aerial Systems

Safety Engineering – Aerial Systems
Security Engineering – Aerial Systems
Sustainability Engineering – Aerial Systems
Interdisciplinary Engineering – Aerial Systems

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Engineering Services – Space Systems

Safety Engineering – Space Systems
Security Engineering – Space Systems
Sustainability Engineering – Space Systems
Interdisciplinary Engineering – Space Systems

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Engineering Services – Multidomain Systems

Safety Engineering – Multidomain Systems
Security Engineering – Multidomain Systems
Sustainability Engineering – Multidomain Systems
Interdisciplinary Engineering – Multidomain Systems

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